Luxurious Yurts ready-to-camp Sanitary block with quality equipment Come to see the stars from the bed Bright interior and modern decor domainetourellesurmer025014.jpg domainetourellesurmer025013.jpg domainetourellesurmer025012.jpg domainetourellesurmer025011.jpg domainetourellesurmer025010.jpg domainetourellesurmer025009.jpg


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What is
or not ?
Electricity and heating
Showers and toilets into a sanitary block near from the parking
which is used only for the 3 yurts
Each one with a private gazebo
and sea view + Picnic table, Hammock
BBQ, Fire place and free wood
Kitchenette fully equipped and bedding is included
Designed for 2 adults only
3 luxurious Yurts ready-to-camp
Come and live a Glamping experience
Domaine “Tourelle sur Mer”
Chic, functional and comfortable!
Regulations of
the establishment
Facebook page YouTube channel
Registration number:
    627836 (Ready-to-camp)